G-string swimsuits for men
Gstring swimsuit for men

Amazing men's G-string swimsuits and swimwear designs by Michael david for Koala.

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Genital Piercings for Men 101

Genital piercings, and not just genital piercings for men, have been around for centuries. This is basically a form of modifying your body for reasons of self-expression, sexual enhancement or aesthetics. It’s an art from that goes way back and has even been a rite of passage or cultural tradition in various tribal societies such as the Kenyah, Dayak, Kayan, Kelabit and Iban tribes of Sarawak. Genital piercings were even talked about in the very famous Kama Sutra.

While there are still some taboos surrounding genital piercings, it’s come a long way since it started in England in the 19th century. Many people still find the topic pornographic in nature but unless you choose to show off your piercings, no one has to know a thing about them. So you need to decide for yourself if genital piercings for men falls into the category of pornography.

Something to be aware of is that every kind of genital piercing has its own risks to watch for. In fact, some piercings might not even be possible for certain people because of anatomy differences. It’s a huge decision as to whether or not you should have a genital piercing and the one you should get. Many people may not understand that you need to take good care of your piercing and that’s why there are various websites to help teach people all about genital piercing. Read all the information you can find before making your final decision. Just remember to only deal with a professional piercer. This is the only way you’re guaranteed that sanitary equipment will be used and that the procedure will be done expertly and safely.

There are various forms of genital piercings for men and you should become familiar with them before making the decision to have one done. The Ampallang, sometimes called the Palang, is a form of male genital piercing that uses a straight barbell put horizontally through the glans of the penis. On occasion, the Ampallang barbell is put through the urethra. This is done because some people feel that the urine maintains cleanliness of the piercing while it heals. A vertical placing of the piercing through the glans makes it an Apadravya. The Shaft Ampallang is a common variation of the Ampallang. It horizontally penetrates the shaft. If you get a combination of the Ampallang and Apadravya, you have what’s known as the Magic Cross.

The Ampallang and all of the variations of it are known as advanced genital piercings for men and are extremely painful to get. It can take four to six months to heal and, in some cases, might take longer. That may not seem worth it to many men, but you should keep in mind that once these are fully healed, it’s said to be highly pleasurable because the internal penis tissues are stimulated. It’s also said to be very stimulating sexually to the partner on the receiving end during intercourse.

There are some random facts surrounding the Ampallang piercing. For instance, the name came from the tribes of the Island of Borneo. This was the earliest documented usage of this piercing. These tribes named it a “palang” which directly translates to “crossbar.”

As with many things, the Ampallang has an urban legend attached to it. Supposedly if these genital piercings for men are chosen, there’s a chance that the receiver can bleed to death if the barbell penetrates the wrong erectile tissue during the procedure. The truth is that even if this DID happen, while there would be more bleeding while it’s healing, it wouldn’t be fatal.

One of the most painful piercing experiences a man can have is when getting an Apadravya. However, the men brave enough to go through it swear it’s worth it because of the increased stimulation it provides during intercourse. Their partners are also pretty happy because the barbell jewelry enhances stimulation to the G-spot during vaginal intercourse.

To understand why this is one of the most painful of genital piercings for men, you’ll need to know how it’s done. The Apadravya piercing goes through the glans and urethra from the top to bottom of the head of the penis. Centrally located, it’s performed on a forward slant. It’s slanted simply to make vaginal intercourse, penetration and withdrawal easier without causing stress to the piercing. The piercing area is measured prior to the act and a barbell larger than the measurements is used.

Three methods are used in Apadravya piercing. There’s the standard clamp and pierce technique in which a small clamp lightly secures the tissue once it’s been cleaned with disinfectant. A marking instrument shows where the piercing is placed with a needle piercing it. This procedure can be done from top to bottom or reversed. When it’s completed, the clamp is removed and replaced with the jewelry.

The freehand method has the piercer using his or her hand to grip the tissue firmly while the other hand is piercing. The scalpeling method isn’t as common as it’s only used to begin a higher gauge piercing. Only qualified piercers should do this because of its surgical nature.

When you decide to get these genital piercings for men, expect bleeding and pain. Depending on how well you heal and the type of piercing method you choose, it can take four months up to one year to completely heal. Be sure to avoid unprotected sex until you’re fully healed. In addition, don’t have sexual intercourse for at least two weeks following the Apadravya piercing.

Another type of piercing for men’s genitals is called the Hafada piercing. This is a surface piercing of the scrotum. The piercing can be done anywhere on the scrotum but, typically, it’s done below the base of the penis in a horizontal fashion. Following the piercing, a straight or curved barbell is inserted for the healing process. After the piercing is fully healed, the barbell can be exchanged for another type if you want.

There’s a high rate of rejections for the majority of surface genital piercings for men, but not for Hafada piercings. The scrotum has elastic and loose skin that keeps away the rejection. This piercing is mostly painless, but it can take longer to heal than other piercings. Since there’s friction and sweating in that area, the healing can be slowed down to two to three months.

Foreskin piercing is quite simple. The piercing starts at the edge of the foreskin and moves along the length of the penis. It’s usually uncircumcised men that have this done, but it can also be done on circumcised men if they have enough foreskin left. Different variations of Foreskin piercings were initially used as chastity piercing on slaves. However, the way this piercing is done now doesn’t stop you from having sex.

The anticipated healing time for Foreskin genital piercings for men is 2 to 4 months, but as the continuous movement of the foreskin hampers the healing process, it could take up to a full year to heal. You should abstain from sexual intercourse for at least one week after being pierced and a condom should be used until it has been completely healed. It’s recommended to use a captive bead ring for a Foreskin piercing or a circular barbell. Check with your piercer about what gauge you should get, but12 gauge seems to be pretty popular.

If you want to speed up the healing process, wear loose underwear for at least one month after the piercing. This lets better air circulate around the piercing. Also, don’t turn the ring for a bit following the piercing. Obviously, you need to be careful if you have intercourse during the healing period. Any rough actions may cause tearing and ripping.

A Deep Shaft piercing can seem rather intimidating among the genital piercings for men as it goes through the shaft of the penis. It’s performed horizontally or vertically through the shaft right behind the head of the penis. Sometimes it’s called a Shaft Ampallang for a horizontal piercing or a Shaft Apadravya for a vertical piercing. An 8 to 12 gauge barbell is used.

If you get a deep shaft piercing, expect some bleeding after it is completed. This is because the piercing passes through the corpora cavernosa. That’s why this type of piercing is, at times, done on an erect penis so the jewelry won’t pinch later. It takes a lot longer to heal and there’s pain during the healing, which takes three months to one year. The selling point with the Deep Shaft piercing is that there’s increased stimulation for both partners during intercourse.

Another of the genital piercings for men is called the Dydoe. This one goes through the edge of the glans and head of the penis. There are various methods for this one. They include a single piercing centrally located at the head of the penis. A second variation is called a King’s Crown, which is made of several Dydoe piercings encircling the penis head. A deeper one can be finished so it comes out closer to the top of the penis and is known as a Zephyr piercing. A curved barbell is the most popular jewelry for this piercing.

A Dydoe piercing is usually performed freehand because of how the ridge of the penis is made. Usually, there’s not enough flesh to clamp. Also, it’s common to bleed during the process and a little while following. You should be aware that these genital piercings for men can be quite painful. However, this piercing is said to provide dual sexual stimulation during intercourse.

The healing period for a Dydoe piercing is usually four to six weeks. You should refrain from having sexual intercourse for at least a couple of weeks.

Everyone has typically heard of a Prince Albert piercing as it’s one of the most well-known. This is often just called the PA because the piercing jewelry goes into the urethra and exits from the frenulum. There’s also the Reverse Prince Albert piercing. This enters the top of the glans rather than the frenulum. Because of the reverse piercing procedure, the healing time on the Reverse Prince Albert takes a bit longer.  Many people feel that the Prince Albert is the most attractive of the genital piercings for men. It’s also quite uncomplicated and has a fast healing process. However, when you first get your Prince Albert, it might bleed for a few days and there may be some blood in your urine. Often, this piercing has smaller jewelry than you wanted so it’s later stretched by using a larger piece of jewelry.

The Prince’s Wand can be used as the piercing jewelry for the Prince Albert piercing rather than the standard captive bead or barbell. The Prince’s Wand is simply a hollow tube that has a threaded ball cap and threading hole. It’s put into the urethra and the second ball is locked in place with the stem screwed onto the tube. The variations of Prince’s Wands that don’t need a Prince’s Wand to hold in place are called the Pinless Prince’s Wands.

If you have any of these genital piercings for men and they’re enjoyed by both you and your partner, you may be looking for ways to enhance whatever piercing you have. There may not be a wide variety of garments and items that let you show off your piercing, but you’ll probably want to find at least a few to don and prance about in while bragging about what that piercing looks like and what it can do for you. These aren’t going to be as easy to find as most men’s intimate items. You can’t typically go into a shopping mall and find the things you want in this area.

However, you can certainly go online and have a look at the hundreds of thousands of websites that specialize in garments and items for men that will show off whatever piercings you may have. You can surf through all of them, which will take you days and even weeks to get through, or you can start with the top website and save time. This website would be koalaswim.com, the home of professional mens swimsuit designer, Michael David.

The treat about koalaswim.com is that not only will you find a variety of mens swimsuits, thongs, and G-strings, but you’ll also find various fetish wear items so that you can show off your genital piercings for men. You’re guaranteed to find just the perfect item to enhance your piercings for your partner.

One such item is called the Explosive Sex suit. Michael designed this with a three ring penis cage attached to over the shoulder adjustable straps. It also contains a metal anal hook. The Explosive Sex suit keeps your penis at the prime angle for some of the best sexual stimulation and pleasure you’ve ever had. Your penis is kept erect while your testicles are maintained in a position that works for multiple sexual acts. Something else that you’ll be very interested in is that genital piercings for men are on display in a huge way. There’s no way that your partner can miss the way this garment focuses on and flatters genital piercings for men. This is just one of many choices you’ll find at koalaswim.com.

Another seriously hot option is rather fetish oriented, but Michael is also known for his high quality designs in that area. One of these garments is called the Samurai. This is Michael’s interpretation of the Japanese rope bondage experts. These are the people that tie up others. This is a fantasy garment with details of a large metal penis ring along with a Lycra ring that’s adjustable to enable it to be tightened around the entire penis. The erect penis stays that way as it’s held in that position by a maze of three more rings that adjust as needed. While being an item that you can’t take your eyes off of, it’s also one that will allow you to display genital piercings for men. The Samurai has enough adjustable rings that you’ll find many ways to use it. You can also use it as a penis lengthener that will increase the length of your penis while also showing off your piercing jewelry.

If you want to be able to tease people in public with your piercings, there’s always the Total Enhancement ultra-sheer bikini for men. This is a Brazilian style bikini featuring a front pouch that will flatter any package. The Total Enhancement also contains a built in adjustable penis ring that has a special lift, keeping your treasure on legal display for others to admire. The jewelry from your genital piercings for men can be seen just a bit, depending on where you’re pierced, right through the swimsuit. If you want to brag just a bit without being arrested, the Total Enhancement bikini is the one what you want.

Genital piercing is nothing new, but finding a way to show off your piercings to others besides just your partner can be a bit of a hassle. That’s why you’ll want to start at koalaswim.com. Not only will you find what you need there, but they will all be at an affordable price. Michael David wants all men to be able to enjoy his designs and he makes sure that can happen.

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